**eastward movement is included


this life is sucking the life out of me.

spring is springing. let's see what's spinning :

> !!! - myth takes. {easily accessable, wonderfully enjoyable, funky dance-rock. recommended.}
> arcade fire - neon bible. {no where near the level of funeral. still recommended.}
> deerhoof - apple o'. {if creative, cathartic and pithy punk rock gets you off, i strongly recommend.}
el-p - fantastic damage. {hot beats. politically charged. recommended.}
> cat power - the covers record. {classic sad-bastard cuts. cautiously recommended.}
> of montreal - hissing fauna, are you the destroyer? {my appreciation for this band continues to grow. please don't call it a concept album, even though ... it is ... might be ... still recommended.}
aesop rock - mixed tape {care of one laura richardson. recommended. aesop rock ... not laura.}

> so gatorade just released a new product; GATORADE AM. foolish consumers rejoice! at last, we finally have an energy drink made specifically for morning workouts. obviously, it is imperative that the train of gratuitous and unnecessary consumption continues to roar down the tracks. i mean, you have support the econony, right?

truth be told, i possess a pathetically mammoth-like affinity for gimmics. you can find them almost anywhere; rappers, architects, processed food, detergent, etc. they're quite hilarious, yeah? moreover, hearing about this new product didn't anger me as much as pique my curiosity. somehow, i'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. who knows; maybe this new product actually showcases something new, great, important and/or pracitcal like a ground-breaking ratio of sucrose to glucose or something really scientific like that.** then again, my saying this could just be a transparent way of expressing my unwavering contempt for target marketing and mass product development, not to mention the people that are destined to fall for their claims.

> oh, did i mention i'm sitting in my 400 square foot apartment drinking tea in my boxers on a saturday night? i'm pretty sure this gives me little right to think i'm better than anyone else.

> my neighbors above me are throwing trash out their window again. a rotten cantelope just hit the ground.

> so i've broken down, and i'm posting some demo pics*** to demonstrate that i have a job, and have actually been doing something 'professional-like' since i left the plains. but first, a little background information.

for the past several months, myself and a few other designers have been furiously working on a new therapy/fitness center for the university of oregon. before our involvement, the university's facility was severly outdated, undersized, and was poorly equipped to handle a top tier pac-10 program. we basically gutted a fraction of the building and doubled the square footage to make room for a vastly improved taping/pre-game/office space, as well as an expanded pool therapy/physical therapy space adjacent to the aforementioned taping area. both reinforce the athletic department's honest devotion towards continually setting the curve in every aspect of collegiate athetic performance, wellness, recruiting and success. lastly, i swear i didn't copy that last sentence off a brochure or an email from one of the partners.

now, i realize i'm being thoroughly vague, not only with the description of the program, my involvement with the design, the budget and the client, and how the long hours have slowly and painfully chipped away at my once lively and well-balanced human spirit and reduced me to an unstable and sickly pile of bones and flesh ... but going through this process has sped me to higher rpm's than i could have ever imagined, and slowed me to a snail's pace in an instant; a speed i haven't been forced to endure in several years.

simply stated, this project has been a blessing and a curse. when it is finally constructed in time for the upcoming football season in august, i'll have plenty of pictures to display. for now, photos of the demolition.

> excavating for the pool pits and pier installation.

> looking south at future pool area with cardio beyond.

> future pool pit area.

> outside the facility.

> looking east at future therapy/taping room.

> looking south at pool area and offices on left.

**do i really need to call out my sarcasm here?
***shameless pun.


The Comeback Kid said...

Im agreeing with you on the music front completely Corbin. I haven't even seen this new gatorade, sounds like a ripoff. The only energy drink I could get behind was Bawls, not because I drank it, but because I went to a technical school and tons of comp science kids all tweaked out on Mountain Dew Code Red would come into the little college store and demand that the store restock both said red lightning and Bawls. To hear a fat hairy kid who hasn't showered in fifteen days and spends all day playing computer games and arguing over which is more powerful, an elf or a dwarf, demand that he wants "BALLS!" I crack up. I'm terribly immature.

New hit, can't stop listening to Peter Bjorn and John.


ruthie said...

true or false? corbin has mono.

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