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MEET ME, meet me. over the mountain.

OH MY GOD! for two entirely separate reasons >

1. i have not taken the time to 'write' {is this writing, really?} for some time now.
2. royals baseball has begun.

clearly the latter has higher blogging potential. wouldn't it just be ironic if i were to dedicate an entire blog post towards my apathetic and unsightly blogging? yea.i didn't think so either.

> the other day i decided to stop by one of my reliable at-work entertainment venues, 810whb's live stream, when i was unexpectedly greeted by ryan lefebre & hall of famer denny matthew's soothing mixture of baseball insight and analysis. the royals spring training opener was about to start against the angels in tempe. suddenly, my mood was elevated, my eyes wide and attentive, my outlook on life improving with every second.

i'm going to say this now; if i ever move back to the midwest, evenings at kauffman stadium {if it's still there} will be the biggest reason. lumped in a close second are the standard friends/family factor.

> when i'm feeling really shitty, i mean completely aimless, ridiculously small and pathetic, the cure as of late is to listen to dismemberment plan's "emergency & i." loudly. over and over. and i realize this is one of those of things/traits/habits that i could easily internalize; keept securely wrapped up within. however, this has become such a consistant force that the people i know best should probably know this about me. i highly recommend it as your next musical investment. essentially, it fills the gap that nirvana's 'nevermind' plugged when i first started to get acne and thought of my parents as complete idiots.**

> i'm literally hours away from leaving the city for an incredible weekend-long cabin-hang somewhere on mount hood. can you do that in kansas city? perhaps the equivalent would be something along the lines of walking around zona rosa or slamming whiskey shots at charles hoops. okay. so that's not quite the same. i really love kansas city. i really do.

> in any event, because i'm becoming exponentially lamer by the minute, i've included videos of some of the past shows i've attended. some are clips of the actual show, some aren't; it's pretty easy to distinguish which is which. i'm confident this day marks the starting point of wester assimilation's slow and painful demise.






**i no longer consider my parents idiots. they are, in fact, wise and wonderful.

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