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a split second of pregnant silence follows.

recent {shameless} musical splurge >

deerhoof > the runners four.
deerhoof > friend opportunity.
pj harvey > stories from the city, stories from the sea.
pavement > crooked rain crooked rain {LA's desert origins}
el perro del mar > el perro del mar.
grizzly bear > yellow house.
menomena > friend or foe.

this day was topped off by seeing deerhoof perform at the wonder ballroom.

having said that, i could easily indulge in a blathering holy-crap-deerhoof-melts-my-face blog-rant, but to take such a 'bold' position is about as trite and uncreative as a JeneƩ Osterheldt column. rather, i'm going to hold off an any critical analysis of the show, and will save it for my next blog post.

> so it's no mystery that today's fast food isn't the greatest culinary option; it's overal convenience and chemically enhanced deliciousness aren't helping alleviate type II diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. however, we humans are strongly predisposed for adaptation. therefore, isn't it logical to assume that one day the human race will find itself immune to the consequences of blindly internalizing copious amounts of trans fats, synthetic sugars, and hormones? i realize that even considering about such a topic is purely masturbatory in nature, not to mention a moot point, given my personal eating habits. it still seemed like a topic worthy of the blogosphere.

> did you notice? the super bowl sucked; color me disappointed. although i'm not even sure why i feel this way. this game has not only become another american made holiday rationalizing consumption and gluttony, but is without question the most over-hyped game in all of sport. perhaps my cynicism is simply a function of my growing insouciance towards most professional sports {with the exception of baseball, of course}. maybe i'm just a sourpuss ... either way, the honest highlight of the evening/afternoon was the guiness ice cream float i shared with laura at the thirsty lion in downtown portland after a few other guinessexes and dinner. why lie?

in that vein, as i
walked to work the following morning past weiden + kennedy, the Herculean adertising firm behind coca~cola, honda, and nike among other similarly Herculean corporations, i couldn't help but wonder what this monday meant to them. this is a pretty significant event, yeah? so do they celebrate? does work continue as usual? from the looks of their allied works'ed space containing a ten foot cardboard bear, wire sculptures and flat screens showing round-the-clock art-house films, i'm under the impression these creative geniuses like to have a good time. the lights were off inside; the place seemed peaceful. it only seems logical that they collectively took the day off to bask in the glow of some of the finest commercials a super bowl audience has ever seen. that chaotic grand-theft-auto-fantasy-land turned utopian-cheese-ball-fest really resonated with me. clearly, this is a sign of my all-too-human predisposition for the guilty pleasures of pop culture junk food.

> does anyone know how to get candle wax out of sweatpants?

> lately, i continually find myself preoccupied with my own personal use of various figures of speech. specifics include anaphora, distinguishing between antanaclasis and pun, irony and pun, simile and metaphor, and the classic overuse of alliteration.**

> i have started putting half & half in my coffee. i used to think this distorted the flavor, but now i'm in this phase of 'supplementation' and 'accentuation.' **

> menomena's song 'the pelican' has a guitar hook that sounds strikingly similar to jimi hendrix's 'machine gun.'

> i am tickled that pitchfork so freely expresses their hatred for the band Jet.

> has my blog helped people get to 'know' me any better or less? and if so, is that such a good thing? have i said too little, or entirely too much? at this point, i'm reticent to say yes or no, although there have been moments when i have most certainly questioned my course. basically, i'm starting to feel like this public display of self-expression isn't giving me the satisfaction that it once did. i don't know. maybe i'm just having a bad day.

honestly and humbly, i remain,

just another midwestern 20~something transient certain of his uncertainty.

**stolen from my myspace profile.


TQ said...

regarding the waxysweatpants...I have the ticket. You need two things: a towel and an iron. Make it an old towel b/c you are going to transfer the wax it it.
1) take the sweatpants and turn them wax-side down onto the towel.
2) press the heated iron onto the back of the sweatpants. The iron is melting the was. Be sure it heats enough to room it all and press hard.
3) repeat if needed, but be sure to use a different area of the towel so the wax doesn't adhere to the pants again.
I don't feel like I "know you better" because of your blog, but I do feel like I get an up-to-date look inside your head when I read it. I like your blog, and it would be a shame if you stopped writing. I think some of your dissatisfaction is related to the progressively fewer number of comments you are receiving. Part of the satisfaction in writing a blog is knowing that people are reading it, enjoying it, and having their thoughts provoked. I have the same problem when a post doesn't receive a lot of comments. If you're reading out there...please comment. Just so you know, I'm reading.
your muse

Nicole said...

ice also helps release wax from things.
i don't think it is possible to mutate into super humans that are immune to trans fat and the chemical gross that is fast and unnatural food. i think the body will continue to break down before it has a chance to become immune. don and i stopped consuming fast food and trans fat last may. and we just nixed soda as well. and we go organic as often as possible - we're not religious about it, yet. and i've never been healthier or found it easier to get in shape. so i'm going to tell myself that the poison food is what's killing us. and you can't convince me otherwise.
oh, and per your suggestion, we have purchased joanna newsom and love her. thanks for sharing your indie rock snob knowledge with the world. it's much appreciated.

Helen E said...

Nice Jenee Osterheldt reference.

Reverb said...

don't kid yourself Corbin, that's not wax on your sweat pants.

Anonymous said...

i am more than certain that fast food is the snobby rich peoples way of chemically offing the rest of the general population. call it scientific genocide, call it american mass suicide, call it...i think i just vomited in my mouth a little bit...

secondly, i love the illustrations that accompany this blog. they make me think of 'the labyrinth' (the 1986 film with david bowie. (yes as a child i had a massive crush on david bowie due to this film)). regardless, i really like them. and speaking of the labyrinth, i am closer to finishing the written part of my book, and if you're still up for it we should talk soon.

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