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define fear.

"mccain's personality." - george will.

simply stated, when the race is about personality {peripheral} mccain does better. conversely, when the race is about real, fundamental issues {important, relevant} obama does better. nothing prophetic, of course. a fundamental truth, perhaps?

in other words, when you distract individuals from their personal grief and perpetual instability with mtv/gossip blog-style fanaticism, you have a chance of winning. i really hope obama pulls this off.


study break.

"Where there is nothing, everything is possible. Where there is architecture, nothing {else} is possible." - Rem Koolhaas

Koolhaas' obsession with contemporary culture would be the logical place to start with a statement so seemingly vague.

Our contemporary culture is fundamentally kinetic and free to move and think. Taken literally, architecture is the end of freedom. It contains, weighs, restricts, is static. In a sense, architecture is conceivably antithesis of freedom. As an architect who pursues a meaningful and everlasting relationship and understanding of the culture we belong to, this is presents a challenge.

A bridge must then be constructed between the freedom of movement that characterizes contemporary culture and the fundamentally restrictive notion of architecture. Architecture must become everything it isn't. Buildings can successfully shed their inherent restrictions and symbolize the contemporary ideas they fundamentally contradict. The logical solution is nonarchitecture. Stated differently, if everything is possible where there is nothing, then that is exactly what buildings should be.

What this model presumably accomplishes is an architecture that can conceivable resist any all classification. It embraces all that is novel, dynamic and non-binding. It's conventionally unconventional, and does so with simultaneous pride & humility.

What a fantastic notion. An architecture of immediate context. The anti-intellectual approach that what we build must not represent veiled cynicism and inherited superiority. It must inspire, not condescend. It must represent, not dictate. It represents inspiration and therefore is.


the complex notion of a flawed smile.

this morning i had major dental surgery, providing me the opportunity to pursue the following guilt-free activities until i return to work on monday.

> read the day's news for more than twenty minutes.
> legally ingest carefully prescribed painkillers.
> watch 'the west wing' so much i enter a state of hypnosis wherein i believe the day-to-day theater within the white house is a magically choreographed utopia written by aaron sorkin.
> shop craigslist for cycling gear, persian rugs, and danish furniture.
> begrudgingly study for the LEED exam**

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the last article was sent to me by my dad. It should be noted that john keech is a loyal conservative, a remarkably honest professional, a devout mizzou fan, and as always, in favor of sticking it to iran and continually looking for more reasons to do so. I understand where he’s coming from, and I’m beginning to see why so many people are fearful of countries that are ostensibly, pardon the pun, loose cannons.

All that said, the fundamental issue here is small-mindedness. I would argue that intolerance is as omnipresent in this country as it is in places like Iran. Case in point - how many people are going to vote against Obama simply because he’s black? How many black people voted against Hillary because she wasn’t black? How many people are going to vote agains McCain because his running mate can bear children?

This obviously doesn’t include my father – he’ll vote for a republican just like he’s always done, but his reasons are far more nobile, well-thought and based upon facts and data. On the other hand, I just can’t see how people can honestly and willingly dismiss the opportunity to show the rest of the planet we’re ready to distinguish ourselves by moving past these superfluous and shallow issues, vote for Obama, and set a new example. It’s not that I think our country is stupid, it’s just that I think we’re losing the will to think critically.

In the end, all the political discourse has made me wish I had a vote in a more relevant state.

**i do not, in any conceivable way, take pleasure in this activity.



i swear i have some thoughts on the election, failed william mcdonough projects, moral superiority through minimalism, self-empowerment through frugality, cycling, and even college football. however, i'm at work. long-windedness and public displays of frustration will have to wait until next time.

that being said, here's some built to spill.

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