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i'll be around here.

The time has come for me to graduate from the myspace blogosphere and move to the big leagues … a blog on blogger.com. that mikey mouse, minor league myspace bullshit has finally run it’s course. Plus, I basically have more time on my hands. After all, I do have That 70’s Show playing in the background … something I’m not particularly proud to admit.

I realize this change is abrupt, and this only further perpetuates my pathetic assimilation into the ubiquitous and artistically crippling real world work environment {and my continual denial of this reality} but i'm confident my devotion to this will eventually fade, and i'll find another pointless habit to comsume myself with.

With that being said, and I think I owe it to my devoted readers to chew on something ‘substantial’ in the meantime - until i think of something important to say. So, I present a small list of things I have noticed during my first 2.5 weeks in the great northwest.

Most commonly spotted bumper stickers:


Things I’ve learned that I can easily survive without:

A microwave.
Cable television.
Gas powered transportation.
Air conditioning
hot water {at the same time!}
A bathrug.
clippers {obviously, this didn’t last very long.}

Also, I’ve learned that Tupperware containers can serve multiple purposes, including, but not limited to,
cereal bowls, pasta bowls, tea cups, and soap dishes. Now, when it comes to living without access to an organic grocery store, a netflix subscription, a coffee pot and an ipod, well, y
ou might as well be asking me to play tennis without a racquet.

in any event, i'm not sure where this blog thing will eventually go. i'm really not sure how many official 'blogs' there are out there ... i really don't want to know. it's not the least bit comforting, i must say.


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