**eastward movement is included


I was Clytæmnestra on a good day, dispensing wisdom to the uninitiated ...

> that's it. from now on, i'm blogging at least once a week. i'm putting an end this antiquated notion that i must write something 'relevant' at all times. a brief discussion with my boy andrew this morning was enough to inspire me to keep this blog alive, no matter how extraneous the subject matter may be.**
> people i wished blogged more often: Nolan Lienhart, Sean Hughes, Elliott Nickell, Konnor Ervin, Dave Hudnall, Sam Loring, Evan Weir.
> i'm assuming half the aforementioned men prefer i don't use names on my blog.
> i'm back on regular 1% milk. no sign of yogurt in sight.
> oh, my job? it's ... um. good?
> after having pizza at ken's artisan bakery, a boulangerie by day and pizzaria every monday night in northwest portland as well as a place that laura and i have breakfast at least three times a week, i'm assuming about one-sixth of my expenses on food are devoted to this establishment.
> "Cultural Tourism," a phrase i managed to swipe from a fellow blogger, is probably the most profoundly accurate phrase i have heard in a long time describing our collective role as consumers of art and media outside our respective day-to-day. i just love it. this is why i'm detailing skylights and not sitting at a coffeeshop simultaneously lamenting my generic liberal arts degree and relying on hyperbole to pay my rent.
> radiohead's kid a finally makes sense to me. it only took seven years.
> destroyer's destroyer's rubies, an album i detest, is playing as i write this. i think i finally like it.
> about a year ago my friend sara laid down some pretty heavy wordage critiquing my critique of others' unsavory musical choices on this very blog. in other words, she called out my elitist musings and threw a well-taylored clown suit over my shoulders. now, while i stand by my sophomoric {as she put it} rant, i genuinely respect the move, have accepted the consequences of making a public ass out of myself over something so unconsequential as another person's less refined sonic tastes, and probably will never forget it.
> i finally watched silence of the lambs last night for the first time. i can barely type that sentence without feeling overwhelmingly pathetic.
> living in oregon makes it difficult to gloat about missouri's recent domination of college football. i also have a suspicion there are a great number of kansas fans in portland, something that probably shouldn't shock me, but still manages to get under my skin. beyond that, people out here are too busy pouting about the pac-10's inability to gain national respect to even notice this midwestern ascention has even occured.
> i shaved my head on saturday before the missouri/kansas game. while this wasn't done in an attempt to give mizzou some spiritual, cosmic advantage, despite my instincts as a supersticious sports fan i'm reluctant to suggest this had something to do with the tigers' dominance of the jawhawks.
> before the game, laura and i shared a solid coffee hang. it involved her reading a novel while i doodled in my moleskind and struggled to write something profound about my highly irregular but terribly enjoyable caffeine high. my inability to accurately describe this moment only stands to accentuate my frustration that i haven't written in weeks despite an overwhelming amount of ideas and topics that have revealed themselves to me. this 'notable' achievement in self-awareness brought upon a tangential realization: i'm typically fearful of all things considered "long-term committments." these range from the mundane {property} to the ridiculous {movies} to the obvious {relationships}. i am working on all of these with equal fervor.
> "Cockeyed Perfection" is another phrase that struck me during this particular hang i shared with ms. richardson. i might have stolen this one from the portland mercury.
> where did you get that line, where did you get that look? where did you get that penchant for destruction in the way you talk?

**i also plan to use many articles at the end of my sentences just to remind everyone how much of an amateur i am.

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