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today i turned 25 years old. currently,

> it is 52 degrees outside and cloudy,
> i probably ought to shave,
> i slept approxomately 7.25 hours last night, which pleases me,
> my favorite album of 2007, based purely on number of listens, is of montreal's hissing fauna, are you the destroyer? however, i don't think this is the best album of the year,
> i drink porters more than stouts, but will take a bridgeport esp over most porters,
> i buy soymilk half the time, and regular milk the other half. my almond milk phase has since passed. i still haven't tried rice milk, and do not plan on it anytime soon,
> i haven't bought skim milk in months. now i'm up to 1%,
> my wallet currently contains four coffee cards {one is full}, a debit card and no cash,
> surprise! the sun came out and my nagging headaches went away. SAD must be real,
> predictably, the dismemberment plan's emergency & i is playing on my computer,
> i am disappointed in myself for spending so much energy caring about the chiefs when i swore off them in week 2,
> i typically drink coffee when i know it makes me feel worse,
> i sometimes think i have things figured out,
> i am reading three books, al gore's the assault on reason, jr tolkien's the hobbit, and rem koolhaas' delirious new york. i probably won't finish any of them for at least five more months.
> i am encouraged by the royals' recent roster moves,
> my parents are currently driving from the oregon coast to portland,
> i am extremely hungry,
> it never occured to me that the men are called horsemen there,
> miller's crossing, my latest netflix acquisition is sitting peacefully in my dvd player. i watched half of it two nights ago. i've had it for nine days.
> i found some cash on my desk ... change, actually. 72 cents. two quarters, two dimes, two penniesm
> i cannot remember the last original idea i had,
> i'm supposed to host a halloween/birth-party at my boy nolan's cavernous soutwest portland apartment on saturday. i'm supposed to cook for everyone, and i haven't invited one person so far,
> two cyclists have died in portland in the past two weeks. they were in bike lanes when they were struck,
> i am hoping this post is going somewhere,
> the kansas city star is still my homepage. this includes both my pc at home and my work computer,
> i have watched three full episodes of this season's america's next top model,
> it's been nearly a year since i was struck by a car on my bike. i was in a bike lane,
> i stand by my earlier rant regarding barry bonds' home run ball, but i have been exposed to some new perspective,
> i still have trouble remembering which printers are color at my office,
> radiohead's new album is on constant rotation at work, but i think i'm listening mostly out of principle. the album is pretty good, but i have heard more enjoyable albums this year. bring it on, sam.
> i guess anti-marketing is the new marketing?
> are women the new men?
> is green the new black?
> you are a waterfall, waiting inside a well. you are a wrecking ball before the building fell. and every lightning rod has got to watch the storm cloud come.



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