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temporarily running out of material. possibly forever.

2008's most-listened-to albums thus far.

1. santogold - santogold.
2. she & him - volume one.
3. the ruby suns - sea lion
4. portishead - third

5. the magnetic fields - distortion
6. foals - antidotes

7. the dodos - visiter
8. fleet foxes - fleet foxes

9. cut copy - in ghost colours

10. black mountain - in the future

my goal is to post tracks consistently. seeing-green has been my muse.


file under 'empty'

i thought this video deserved an audience.
i like ratatat, and i know this album is clearly a time piece to the extent that it's textbook ratatat, but enhanced by nintendo soundbytes. {see crystal castles, copy, and so forth.} i suppose that's pretty cool. the interesting thing about this band is that it really never makes me 'feel' anything. i am reluctant to go so far as to suggest it is 'empty,' but the expression is almost expressionless. as bizarre at this sounds, it almost makes me like it more.

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