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what a week.

first graphic design / diagramming class with michael rock and yoonjai choi. lesson learned = it is just paper. funny how a white 8" x 8" box can turn you timid.

our first seminar with bernard tschumi is delayed until next wednesday.

for our third publications seminar we had the pleasure of seeing several pieces Avery's rare books collection, including several original lithographs by corbusier. an original print of Le Poeme de l'Angle Droit pretty much stole the show.

the BIM seminar is luckily a group project. finally learning revit. our team is recreating/rethinking an built project, which will likely result in some ugly hybrid version of an office dA slash SHoP project.

finally, studio with shohei is cruising. researching post-crisis situations and natural disasters. one more week of research, and then we move into architectural research. on february 28th we leave for the dominican republic and cuba to see our site and visit the client.

also, there's a draft with images from last semester sitting in my box that needs publishing. hopefully this weekend i'll get around to posting it.

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