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wamp wamp. what it do? {what it do?}

favorite words at the moment >

> abject.
> wreck.
> superfluous.
> indicative.
> the phrase 'the long and the short of it is ...'
> consummate.
> hella.
> feigned.

> i could {should} write a blog about this blog. i'll go days without any ideas {it's on my mind constantly, duh.} and then i'll wake up one morning surrounded by 10,000 topics to choose from. it's not the like the world suddenly looks more interesting, it may just be that i get the 'itch' to point out the obvious, list foods i'm currently avoiding/consuming, avoid architectural discussions, and expose my general inability to accept my surroudings as they are.

> so what's the deal with downloading music? i know it sounds trivial, and i realize asking this question reveals my ineptitude as a creative thinker, but seriously, i am genuinely put off by this trend.

i could sit here and falsly reminisce about 'the days when buying the album meant something,' but i won't, mostly because i don't even know when that threshold was crossed. moreover, that whole nostalgic 'remember when' act is so tired; especially from people like me. my preference? complain about the here and now.

i suppose as long as certain bands continue to utilze the liner notes as a means to express themselves on a different artistic level, giving the purchaser/fan a smaller window into their tastes and attitudes, the 'record' in it's purest sense will always be fashionable.

> i am a little shocked by the reaction to the statement i made last week regarding radiohead's legitimacy. people still like them that much, huh? really? seriously? that's cool. i guess. in hindsight, i probably should have considered the consequences, and i may have lost quite a bit of respect from my friends and well-wishers as a result. however, let the record show i merely agreed with the idea when my boy aaron let it rip while i was in kc over christmas break.**
i'm no where near creative/bold enough to come up with stuff like that on my own.

> so i'm told mtv's newest and hottest show, 'maui fever' has a character named corbin. this guy sounds legendary. his profile, from mtv.com reads as follows :

"Corbin's the kind of guy who can't take anything or anyone too seriously. His main goal is to enjoy himself and since he grew up in Hawaii, he knows that exactly how to live the island life to the fullest. Corbin is always reeling in the ladies with good jokes and a good time. He's a class clown and a total showoff which gets him laughs and babes. With his oblivion to authority and straggly sun-bleached hair, he's a dead ringer for Jeff Spicoli in 'Fast Times.'"

it's only a matter of time before this coincidence is shamelessly knocked around amongst people i have the misfortune of meeting. the anticipation is palpable.

> not having access to cable is without question a blessing in a curse, but i have become fully aware of this truth over the course of the nfl playoffs. for starters, if i'm in need of some 'digest' or 'analysis' my only option is the concise and typically thought proking {yea, i said it} variety of online columns/articles. i find these to be far more beneficial than the canned daily bullshit and drama drummed up by the general sports media.

secondly, the super bowl is without question the most over-hyped and over-analyzed sporting event in the universe. if anyone is willing to disagree with this, speak now. no? good. didn't think so. anyway, it just seems like everyone collectively creates a checklist of topics to belabor. peyton's less-than-stellar playoff experience, the bear's 4-6 defense, rex grossman's propensity for interceptions, indy's run defense, etc. are going to be broken down, built up, and then broken down again. sounds pretty boring if you ask me. if i were a member of the media, i'd probably be drooling over and dreading these two miserable weeks.

the saving grace, the coup de gras, the reason-to-give-a-shit about this year's event is pretty muched summed up by jason whitlock here. once again, the man continues to bring it.

> i drank a bud light this weekend. psyche.

> so bush was greeted with a healthy amount of applause regarding his short-sighted and short-winded discussion regarding alternative fuels; i get that. but how funny was it to watch the senator from iowa as he furiously clapped wearing the widest smile on the planet?

> when i first saw stellastar* i discounted them primarily on the grounds that i believed the asterict to be a transparent means of distinguishing themselves; basically, an annoyance. now i really like them.

> has anyone ever used wingdings? ever?

> chocolate fat-free skim milk? this is too good to be true.

> i think i finally understand what modernism actually means.

> so i hear there are restaraunts that carry special menus for women with no prices. where are they? and why can't i meet a girl that prefers this particular arrangement?


the corner of burnside and oak.

**I listened to Kid A while i wrote most of this post.


sam loring said...

I used to like you.

Then you dissed Radiohead.

You now suck.

[OK Computer is still phenomenal 10 years out]

Nicole said...

you drink fat-free skim milk? really?

menus with no prices for women - excuse me, but i'm assuming this is based on the assumption that every hungry bitch out there wants to order 'the most expensive thing on the menu'. this is retarded and sexist. and you're dating the wrong girls if they do indeed, order in such a manner. christ.

ok, i'm done.

Nicole said...

oh, and i have a pomegranate tip for you - cut in half and smack the exterior with a rolling pin. edible bites fall out and you don't have to dig. incases you didn't know.

Nicole said...

i promise i'm not a blog stalker - although i look like it here. i'm glad my sarcasm based on your sarcasm is amusing to you as well. and before don and i shared a bank account - he did pay for most meals. that's right - we're old school.

Elliot said...

I don't want to hear about wingdings anymore.


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