**eastward movement is included


you were the wrecking ball before the building fell.

self-indulgent stream-of-consciousness post? um. that sounds good. i'll have ... some more.


> this next week of work is going to destroy me. it's just as my eye-twitching affliction was starting to diminish, too.

> i might have the pearliest whites this side of the cascades since receiving an oral.B electronic tooth bruth from my biological parents this past christmas. it has four different types of brushes. FOUR. my favorite is the double-brush brush.

> indisputable proof my mom is legit? kansas city royals Sluggerrr bobblehead doll for a christmas gift.

> indisputable proof my father is legit? he recently bought a pair of non-pleated, non-cuffed pants at Halls, and "cannot wait for Bush to leave office." i feel like i hardly know him anymore.

> i'm working the pomegranate into my diet.

> i've been drinking numerous cups of yerbe mate tea at work, and have only made two trips to stumptown in one week. needless to say, i'm questioning this decision.

> my girl tq just moved to milan. {oh. hey, tq.} i am obviously, at a minimum, envious. however, i am also aware this "jealousy" is not only trite, but also unfair. myself, along with numerous others, had our moment in the {tuscan} sun. it's time to move on.

> italy was NOT the apex of our lives. get over it.

> my current project has officially taken the blinders from my eyes; interior architecture is a genuinely respectable and fascinating field of work. without question, this stands in stark contrast to what was shoved down our impressionable throats at ksu.

> i spent saturday night watching the movie sideways, drinking wine, starting this post, listening to music, and being generally anti-social. i'm pretty happy about this decision.

> sideways is my new brokeback mountain. and by that, i mean sideways has earned the title of "the most unbearable, overrated movie corbin has ever seen." all i could say to myself while watching it was "i wasted a damn netflix rental on this shit?" i should have listened to you, jill.

> the only thing keeping me from moving from northwest portland to southeast portland is my gym membership in my neighborhood; it expires in eighteen months. feel free to lose as much respect for me as you want because of this.

> let's think about those automated hand driers in most public restrooms for a moment. do people really think they're doing something orignal/funny when they scratch away at the "PUSH BUTTON" instructions so that it says "PUSH BUTT"? am i just as lame for even noticing this, let alone pointing it out?

> latest annoyance : girls who have three pages of pictures on their myspace profile, 75% of which {give or take a few percentage points} are with several different guys. what are you trying to prove? are you that desperate for attention?

> latest annoyance II : anonymous blog comments.

> i still don't know what irony means.

> i still don't understand why people like dane cook.

> i will never fall out of love with pearl jam.

> i've put a lot of thought into it, but i can say with confidence that sean's girlfriend coral may be the coolest 'girlfriend of a goodfriend' i've known up to this point. this may require further blogging analysis.

> man-crushes? i'm all for them.

> the my morning jacket concert this past tuesday changed me.

> radiohead? most overrated band since the doors.**

pipe-dream, alternative careers i wouldn't bat an eye switching to >

> major league middle reliever. preferably not with the royals, definiately not with the cardinals, hopefully with a team that's capable of beating out the twins for a wildcard position, only to take the red sox to seven games and lose as because of my errant throw to third base in the bottom of the 11th inning.
> pitchforkmedia.com writer {or any position for that matter. i'll update excell contact sheets. i'll change diapers. i'll listen to jet's 'get born' and eat snack wraps from mcdougles. anything.}
> peter gammons' apprentice.
> rick steves' apprentice.
> elliott nickell's legal intern.
> evan weir's therapist.
> starchitect.
> tenured environmental studies professor at sarah lawrence college.
> neko case's cabana boy.

albums on repeat >

> be your own pet - be your own pet.
> my morning jacket - it still moves.
> deerhoof - the runners four.
> beth orton - comfort of strangers.
> pearl jam - vitalogy.
> liars - drum's not dead.
> clipse - hell hath no fury.

singles i cannot stop listening to >

> joanna newsom - sawdust & diamonds.
> oneida - up with people.
> maxïmo park - going missing.
> midlake - roscoe.
the french kicks - cloche.
> rock central plaza - my children, be joyful.
> rock central plaza - sexyback.
> the rapture - whoo! alright - yeah... uh huh.
> figurines - the wonder.
> the whitest boy alive - wonder.
> el perro del mar - god knows (you gotta give to get.)

nothing~man. nothing~man. isn't it something, nothingman?

dave abbruzzese.

**stolen from aaron prader.


Anonymous said...

First and foremost, irony: "More generally, irony is understood as an aesthetic valuation by an audience, which relies on a sharp discordance between the real and the ideal, and which is variously applied to texts, speech, events, acts, and even fashion. All the different senses of irony revolve around the perceived notion of an incongruity, or a gap, between an understanding of reality, or expectation of a reality, and what actually happens."

Secondly, you are second guessing yerbe mate over coffee? That's all well and good, just be ready for the eye twitching to get worse. Your next step is the yerbe mate latte. Put a little honey in the bottom first. It will ease your stumptown withdrawal woes.

Radio head is a great band. You shut your mouth.

Pearl jam is overrated and way over, but always makes me smile and think of you.

There's always something else out there that is great and waiting to be experienced.

My overall general thought after reading almost all of your blogs? I heart you so much!


ruthie said...

spill it corb. who's your man crush?
doesn't the snow make you feel more at home?
i love getting pd to stay in my jammies.

Emily said...

Agreed, Corbin, Italy was NOT the apex of our lives and I have always been afraid to admit to anyone that I am not in love with Raidohead. And yes, the My Morning Jacket concert saved my life...I went to it the night I found out love is a lie...watched it by myself and felt cooler for it.

Emily said...

Oh, and thank you to Anonymous above...I have always been a bit foggy on what Irony truly is.

Reverb said...

I pretty much quit reading this post after the Radiohead comment...but now I realize that all it takes to sound cool is to discredit that which has become mainstream...so in that fashion I'd like to point out that you probably still listen to your music on an iPOD--so four years ago. I'm all about the Microsoft Zune!!

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