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comin' up in your grill, i'm so trill.

> days ago i uttered the following,

"without boundaries, restrictions or deadlines, i am completely lost."

the context of this statement is irrelevant. however, this innocent musing carries far more weight now than it did before. before what? before mono.

contracting this little virus has exposed one important truth; attention to my physical health has far outweighed my attention to my mental health. i plan on doing something about this. immediately. however, it should be noted that in terms of my daily routine over the past fourty-five days or so, i would be utterly unrecognizable to people i know outside of the portland metropolitan area. to wit, i have been nearly inactive for the first time in decades, i have felt reasonably well-rested for the first time in years, my consumption of caffeinated beverages declined significantly, my consumption of alcoholic beverages has remained at absolute zero {that's legitimate 0 degrees kelvin, kiddos} for nearly three weeks, and i crushed the full arrested development catalogue in a matter of days. i have officially turned over a new leaf. needless to say, i plan on returning to my old self-destructive ways as soon as the blood tests are taken.

having said that, i am genuinely thankful for having to endure this 'ordeal.' it is easy to say this now now that the migraines have subsided, my tonsils have returned to their healthy, unswollen state, and i've regained enough energy to walk more than thirty minutes without feeling frail and light-headed. however, it's 10.30 on a friday night ... and i'm ready to go to bed. i can't help but wonder if this is just some cruel joke. either that, or this is merely my personal donnie darko~esque worm hole-view into my inevitable dependent depends-wearing existence. sooner rather than later? my magic ball says "yes."

> shortly preceding my comment regarding boundaries, deadlines and like, the following bundle of profundity escaped my lips;

i'm not addicted to the pain pills. i'm just looking for excuses to take them."

now you tell me; are these the words of a high-mindful young professional or a paltry pill-popper? i'm not going to insult anyone's intelligence by providing an answer.

my doctor prescribed oxycotin for my throat pain, muscle soreness and severe headaches. however, now that the aforementioned characteristics of my viral affliction are vacationing in the land of remission, i now find myself with a surplus of the drug. so what's a twenty-four year-old with a dimming sense of adventure and a relatively low level of responsibility to do? probably rationalize taking one or two per day, that's what.

i'm really puzzled why i'm even exposing myself like this ... but that's neither here nor there. the point is this rationalization is downright childish, and i'm fully aware of it. the ridiculous part is that the side effects are minimal, and really don't even warrant taking a pill in the first place. in the end, i know this is just a fleeting period of experiementation; something i probably should have been doing years ago between studio projects, date parties and sorority serenading. and here i am again, wishing i wasn't so lame in college.

> color me shocked that chuck klosterman is now writing for espn.com. moreover, i am shocked i continue to read everything this guy writes. technically, i should be drawn to his verse, given his undeniable witt and impressive array of musical name-checks, but at the same time should feel a genuine repulsion because of his transparent pretentiousness and growing appeal to the masses.** i mean, let's be honest; the man is a certifiable genius when it comes to noteworthy analysis and commentary regarding today's societal norms and rock music. however, this newfound {legitimate} knowledge of athletics is just too good to be true. this is a newly added wrinkle that may be too much for me to handle. i mean, anyone who has been exposed to his writing that posseses even the slightest hint of intelligence or at a minimum, a public state university education can assess that mr. klosterman a.) is a pretty good writer b.) is completely full of shit c.) should receive an oscar for his ability to fool his readers into buying into his love for collegiate athletics.

> i seriously think i could eat thirty spears of roasted zucchini and never be full. this thought occurred to me this afternoon as my boss and i discussed acrylic ceiling
panels and customized perforated mdf panels.

> the following are a few hillarious exerpts from a royals spring training broadcast last week between ryan lefebvre and denny matthews. this pretty much explains the beauty of spring training baseball:

RL: What’s the best song you’ve ever heard on the xylophone?
DM: You know, there’s several, but i'd say flight of the bumblebee and beethoven’s fifth. both are excellent on the xylophone. both will get you out of your seat with the speed and drama.

RL: And number 90 is at bat. I don’t know who this guy is.

DM: Of all the mangers in the league, lou pinella is my favorite when walking to the mound. Second? hal mccrae. It took mac 6.5 minutes to walk to the mound. *intense laughing*

> approaching shows i really hope i can attend;

Deerhunter. 04.12
Ted Leo & the Pharmacists. 04.16
Sunset Rubdown. 04.20
DJ Shadow. 04.23
Klaxons. 04.24
The Walkmen. 04.26
Be Your Own PET 05.02
Tapes 'n Tapes or Explosions in the Sky. 05.04
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. 05.11
Peter Bjorn and John. 05.14

**given these facts regarding his personality traits, my disdain for this man clearly proves once and for all that i wouldn't be able to stand a minute of my presence if i were meet myself on the street.


Anonymous said...

i was beginning to think you'd never write again. gracias.


samuel said...

it's impressive, admitting your dabbling in drugs, so openly. you must be a fast blooming groupie.

TQ said...

dang you and your great concerts, ya pill popper.

Helen E said...

Mrs. Nigro says to lay off the oxycontin. (Chuck Klosterman writes for espn.com?!?)

sloring said...

be honest, do you compensate your concert going habit by eating ramen every night?

Anonymous said...

my favorite part of this blog are the excerpts from royals spring training. i reread them several times and teared up a little from my giggling. also, c, if you are gonna experiment with drugs there are far better drugs for your time. in summary, just say no.

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