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wednesday : an outline.

7.08 am > i wake to the sounds of my neighbor{s} above me. this is almost exactly thirty minutes before my alarm should be switching on. this is nothing new. a conciliatory sigh escapes me.

7.45 am > i get out of bed.

7.58 am > finish showering, drink protein shake. {1 cup 1% milk + 1 scoop whey. i gots ta get my branched chained amino acids, baby!}

8.15 am > walk to ken's artisan bakery on 21st. the butter croissant looks delicious, but the chocolate pound cake looks equally tempting. i feel the need to get something new. i finally concede and get a small coffee & hazelnut pound cake.**

8.45 am > realize i was given the end piece of the pound cake which means it is significantly larger and coated with more icing than the typical piece. euphoria envelops me.

8.55 am > arrive at my desk. begin contemplating writing this very post.

8.56 am > i avoid opening both sketchup and autocad knowing full well that within minutes my glass will be brimming with guilt for not hitting the ground running. instead i discover that jason whitlock wrote one of his finer articles, alex gordon hit his first homer, and that sean hughes' myspace profile has hit rock bottom.***

9.01 am > guilt overwhelms me and i surrender.

9.45 am > remember that i yesterday i got a hold of my bloody valentine's 'loveless' and immediately beginning listening to it. work productivity begins to decrease. it's distracting. this is a sign that i like it.

11.30 am > randy hasn't returned from eugene. his redlines aren't any less confusing than when i first arrived this morning. i bother halliday with questions.

11.45 am > more questions for halliday.

11.51 am > more questions for halliday.

12.09 am > i ask halliday to clarify another note. i probably asked him to draw another sill detail or something which he has probably already drawn for me twice, if not three times prior. i'm suddenly very aware of the collar on my shirt. my mouth is pretty dry, and i'm getting hungry again. at this point, i'm happy to just draft incorrectly rather than bother anyone with more questions.

12.10 pm > randy walks in fresh from the road. we have a meeting in twenty minutes. i have 1/20th of the materials necessary prepared for the meeting.

12.20 pm > howard arrives. he's ten minutes early. no one from our team who should know this knows this.

12.30 pm > peripheral thoughts cloud my mind at the least opportune times. randy runs upstairs to meet with howard, while i continue to struggle with sketchup and photoshop. i really want to read bill simmons' latest article, even though his style is starting to wear thin. lately he's resorted to childish and inflammatory remarks about nearly everything. he's even rationalizing the red sox recent yankee~esque spending and opulance. what a fucking hypocrite. i really hope i can catch meet the press sunday morning. who would have thought electronically superimposing a 'supergraphic' pattern onto a 90-foot ceiling without the image becoming too distorted or blurry would prove to be such an arduous task? shit, deerhunter's show is this thursday? ... the glycemic index ... i have odwalla juice downstairs! ... peanut butter ... terminal illnesses. coupons. scented candles. i'm almost certain i asked myself if i had enough change in my pocket for an afternoon coffee. how am i still employed?

12.45 pm > i grab randy's laptop for the meeting. the cable in the conference room doesn't work right away. at this point, i'm beyond the point of panic.

1.12 pm > sketchup miraculously works. howard doesn't seem impressed by anything we show him. i nervously laugh and respond with nonsensical mouth-farts to everything he says to me. i once corrected howard when he thought kansas state was in emporia. this is the same man that signed michael jordan to nike. you should see how people interact with this man. without entering into the slippery slope of indecent hyperbole, i honestly feel like i'm watching vito corleone here as he calmly allows the perpetually destitute and needy approch him with him respect and humility and neediness and fear, hand kisses and all. it's incredible. i'm almost positive he told randy to never let me come to a meeting again.

2.45 pm > the meeting is a 'success.' josh, halliday and i take a stumptown break. i return and distract myself for maybe ten minutes crafting another mix for laura.


5.45 pm > randy reveals the price per square foot of this project. i'd share, but i'm pretty sure most of you would never hear from me again if i did.

7.00 pm > more discussion, more changes are made. i'm pretty sure halliday will cry in the morning when he see's the thing we've added/subtracted/thrown in his lap.

7.30 pm > more redlines, sketching and dinner at DF {"day effay" en espaƱol} in the pearl district. if i were a pretentious pearl-dweller, i'd call it 'elevated mexican' but i'm clearly above that. needless to say, the meal was fabulous. try the ceviche and the green chile garlic trout.

9.45 pm > home. sweatpants. slippers. music. chamomile.

10.06 pm > receive email from gretchen leggitt containing a link to an article written by kurt vonnegut. i read approximately three paragraphs and stop. i return to complete this lame blog.

11.59 pm > i finally complete this obviously senseless post, reconsider posting it, post it, brush my teeth, fall asleep to cat power's 'covers record.' i'll wager there's a 30% chance i'll sleep through the night.

**i typically never order what my first instinct tells me to order.
***by hitting rock bottom, i mean i respect what he's doing.


samuel said...

cheer up corbo, just think about memorial day!

Anonymous said...

you should have gone with the chocolate pound cake, it's "da berries!"


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