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when i die, i'm leaving you my feet.

first off, i'd like to point out how surprised the voters of kansas city actually approved the light rail initiative.

in the adjacent vein, and i realize i'm shamelessly pandering to maybe three kansas city people {if i'm lucky} when i write this, but can anyone give me a reason to listen to, let alone respect Jack Harry? you know, he's that grumpy, worn-out-baseball-mitt of a sports radio/television journalist that's been treading water for thirty years; a poor man's bob davis, who is a poor man's don fortune, who is a probably a poor man's bob ryan. it's almost comical how his rants ooze mediocrity. furthermore, and even more perplexing is the relationship between kevin keitzman and harry. it's assumed they'll argue about some boring subject, one what keitzman will inevitably win. then they'll talk about the best bud light they ever had, and then they'll bring the 'racin' boys' and i'll turn the station. the thing is, harry NEVER has anything insightful to say. ever. his profundity is commonly expressed in the following ways:

"i'll tell you what, no one will runs harder than larry johnson."
"i'll tell you what, those royals sure need to get their act together."
"i'll tell you what, i think coasters are the best way to prevent drink rings."

still, kevin keitzman continues to suck this guy's dick. he praises him for his insight and influence on kansas city sports. it's pathetic, actually. the more i think about it, keitzman himself, the 'king' of kansas city sports talk, is starting to wear thin in my book. i can't decide if ranting about a couple of kansas city sports broadcasters is either dorky, pathetic or just plain predictable.

i haven't attended any shows recently {is two weeks a long time?} but there a few approaching that are the business. currently, there are numerous electronic 'cuts' {pun so intended} in rotation :

the knife - deep cuts.
the knife - silent shout.
ratatat - classics.
rilo kiley - take offs and landings.
the futureheads - the futureheads.
psapp - tiger, my friend.
junior boys - so this is goodbye.
hot chip - come on strong.
wolf parade - apologies to the queen mary. {i've had to stop myself from listening to this too much.}
mobius band - the loving sounds of static.
the black angels - passover.

the black angels have, without question, hit me hardest. just another band from austin that continues to bring it, and they're the best thing i've heard come out of that god-forsaken state since i first made love to spoon a few years ago. my boy josh dropped it in my lap the other day, quietly informed me they'd change my life, predicted i'd continue to lose my mind, and i haven't stopped listening since. it might be the sexiest throwback band since the black keys; a classic rock-meets indie distortion-meets a beautiful and somehow dangerous tribal mysticism. pixies vs. black sabbath vs. led zeppelin vs. SRV vs. the velvet underground vs. clinic. i'll probably hate this band in two weeks.

after writing this, i've realized that i don't listen to any shitty music ... at least on my own volition. is that slightly pretentious? umm, slightly. but i'm being entirely serious; at this moment, i'm overcome with this desire to deliberately inject something inoffensive and entirely replaceable into my listening routine. i'm talking the most accessable, mundane, waste-of-bandwith, characterless rock imaginable. something with true staying power, something that i can listen to when i really don't want to listen to anything at all. i'm open to suggestions.

something else i have been thinking about lately that just baffles me is the fact that so many adults, after years of activity involving art or music or the outdoors or literature or anything, have managed to distill their interests down to the bare essentials; monday night football and watching 'how i met your mother.'

i'm also concerned about my eye. no, my sight isn't fading {it probably is} but it has been twitching. a lot. could this be a result of stress and anxiety? is it from staring at a computer screen all day? is this just another sign of my body's natural aging process? all signs point to yes. will blogging about it alleviate the problem? probably not.

in conclusion, i'd like to point out that for the past two weeks, i've been entering my apartment expecting to see that something terrible has happened inside; either my computer is stolen, there's a dead animal/person on the floor, a small fire started behind the refridgerator ... something. i have no rational explaination for this.


brian eno.


sloring said...

haha, jack harry's daughter was my sisters roommate last year, and she hated her! she was an immature, stupid whiner, kind of like her father!

yes, the knife do rule, i threw silent shout on the office system today and got many positive comments...for some quality sheit music, i recommend paris hilton's latest album, paris. you can't lose.

Nicole said...

Try to think happy thoughts [maybe that will cure your eye-twitching?]. I had a high school teacher whose eye would twitch when she was super stressed. Maybe some yoga? I'm no doctor, though.

ercwttmn said...

two birds with one stone.

go to VH1 and play the top five of what they consider the best hits of the 80's.

this might just help the eye twitching........or make it worse.

sloring said...

corbeano, check out swan lake [album drops 11.21], lead singer from new pornos, spencer kurg from wolf parade and carey mercer from frog eyes. also, check out rock plaza central...fucking fantastic!

Anonymous said...

you do realize, i hope, that music like any other art is entirely subjective. meaning that no opinion is right or wrong, and anyone that doesn't recognize this fact is being sophomoric and a little bit of an asshole.

there is in fact no shitty music. just music that you don't enjoy.

grow up.

Reverb said...

well, Anonymous, while I do think Corbin is a bit pretentious in his musings on art and music, I have to disagree with you. I don't think music, or any art for that matter is entirely subjective. Of course there is a hint of subjectivity that goes into everything. But, for the most part all of the arts can be meausured by some sort of standard. This standard now of course depends on which perspective you are coming at it from. Historical, contextual, technical, practical, economical, influential, environmental. I think a critical eye, or ear in this case is essential for the advancement of all the arts. So, I would offer this, you do don't make a strong case while speaking in absolutes about subjectivity.

With that said, and because I like to bust Corbu's balls, I agree, grow up Corbin. I suggest Justin Timberlake, Justified.

Sara said...

well, i think it's important to note here that corbin was not, in fact, attempting to reference any established, "historical, contextual, technical, practical, economical, influential, or environmental" standard. rather, he was asserting that he simply, "doesn't listen to any shitty music." personally, i doubt that anyone who says something like that is listening with the 'critical ear' that you mention as essential for the advancement of the arts.

i agree wholeheartedly on the importance of a critical ear and the danger of speaking in absolutes. of course there are important standards and discussions to be had (no post-modernist here), but really- corbin was just asking for it. and that's why we love him.

everyone needs some 'perspective refreshing' sometimes- it does a body good.

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