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you better see someone about that hole in your heart.

seeing as i don't have access to any actual newspapers anymore {this doesn't include articles sent via mail from my parents about volatile organic paints or Kofi Annan} i'm left to get my news over the internet. the first article i read saturday morning was a suggested link posted in my gmailbox. it was about floyd little, former denver broncos running back who postulated that he had not been inducted into the hall of fame because he played for the broncos. john madden was interviewed on little's behalf, and had the following to add :

"Floyd was a great player and a Hall of Fame-type guy. I think [he'll get in].''

so, what's up with that last sentence? "

...I think [he'll get in]."

I can't get over this. it's common knowledge that john madden's legendary {mythical? maybe not ... } status is based on more than just a super bowl win and the most notoriously successful video game series of all time. no, john madden is more than that. john madden says outrageous and hilarious things. half of everything that leaves his mouth is either nonsensical minutia or the blatantly obvious. {yes, i know. me stating this is the blatantly obvious.} so what did madden actually say after he uttered 'I think ...'?

> i think i'll start a blog.
> i think i want pat summerall back.
> I think turkey is the best thanksgiving meat of all the thanksgiving meats.
> think it's gonna be a long long time, till touch down brings me round again to find I'm not the man they think I am at home.

notes & news ::

- portland is cloudy and rainy all the time? really? is it? thus far, it's been grossly exaggerated.

- i've realized that the most peaceful part of my day is the 2~3 minutes i spend brushing my teeth.*
- ivy league football? oxymoron?**
- apocalypse now is my new favorite movie.
- the other night i had a strange dream where my co-workers unscrewed my skull.
- girls picking their butt at the gym? slightly off-putting, yet hilarious.
- guys picking their butt at the gym? expected.
- i bought some scented candles the other day. on any given night, my apartment smells 'linen fresh' or 'gingerbread spice.'
- apparently you can buy poop scented candles. i want some. bad.
- there has been a notable amount of awkwardness {on my part} lately when i'm interacting with my more attractive co-workers. i'm probably just being neurotic, and no one has even noticed. ***

compact discs purchased this evening ::

- the evens - get evens.
- the hold steady - boys and girls in america. {The Boss + dismemberment plan + pearl jam + belle & sebastian + ben folds = ehhh, yes please!}
- my morning jacket - okonokos. {plus an acoustic bonus disc, for free!}

- honeycut - the day i turned to glass. {what gnarls barkley would sound like if they didn't get big and didn't do crappy violent femmes covers.}
- junior boys - last exit.

i went to music millenium with two albums and two albums only in my mind, neither of which they carried. this sort of annoyed me, so i bought five entirely different cds. pathetic.

recent culinary additions ::

= darigold yogurt cups {vanilla, blueberry, northwest rasberry, and peach.}
= roasted soynuts {bought in bulk at whole foods. unsalted.}
= nature's path soy plus granola.
= red peppers.
= shallots.
= roasted milled flax seed with blueberries.
= gerhards gourmet chicken turkey sausage links {with sweet basil & pine nuts.}
= ezekiel whole grain bread.

*i've started brushing my teeth at least four times a day, up from the standard two.
**yale/harvard was playing on my tv as i wrote a portion of this blog.
***this is obviously a lie.


ruthie said...

the obvious tip you should draw from your self observations: if you brush your teeth more often, you will have more peace in your life. try upping it to 6 times a day and see if your stress levels go down.

sloring said...

is last exit good? i can't get enough of so this is goodbye and i'm hoping for similar results. oh yeah, you should try using a trackball mouse at work, it's much easier on your wrist. and maybe try sitting in a chair too.

Reverb said...

Thoroughly enjoyable post. In addition to using a trackball mouse at work you should also try not whacking it so much at work, it too is much easier on your wrist.

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