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week 10

[ studio ]

just a few images from the three-quarters review _

01 _ diagrammatic section, indicating the movement / rotation of fragments from the labs below to the display area above.

02 _ diagrammatic axon. this was an exercise to indicate the layout of the labs relative to the display spine, as well as to play with 3dstudio's illustrate! renderer. both of them obviously needed some improvement.

03 _ five artworks are selected as the first pieces to be examined at the institute.

04 _ the five i selected were somewhat arbitrary, although i suppose i picked mark di suvero's rumi, ursula von rydingsvard's three bowls, and oldenberg's shuttlecocks for the obvious fact that they're all at the nelson in kc and therefore have some sentimental value. the watering can and the paimo chair were chosen for their scale.

05 _ five fragmented pieces are stretched linearly along the same length, spaced evenly.

06 _ the final operation is the compress the lines of arrangement; another reorganization operation that attempts to suspend the objects previous identity and monetary value.

07 _ this operation creates a series of new spaces, some of which have a high degree of compression while others are identified by their relief. objects of different material properties, levels of damage, size and weight are in a suspended state, an atmosphere of autonomous objects.

08 _ their arrangement is linear, logical and straightforward, although their new physical properties and new spatial relationships generates a new registry of artwork.

09 _ small fragments awkwardly sit alongside objects of dissimilar geometry, their new identity both completely exposed and entirely uncertain.

10 _ model that attempts to suspend the program of the institute ( varying labs, meeting areas, offices and support program ) above the display and storage "bar" for the damaged artwork.

11 _ when the colored shrouds overlap the bar, the artwork and the users can circulate vertically into and out of the display bar.

12 _ when the colored shrouds overlap the bar, the artwork and the users can circulate vertically into and out of the display bar.

13 _ earlier model that more clearly explains the relationship between the labs and the display area. this was a diagram that eventually became the organizational force behind the institute.

14 _ an even earlier model that more closely describes the institute at the point of the three-quarters review. it advanced from this point into one that had more penetrations, increased clarity and increased functionality.

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