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The American Concrete Building. Mickelberry is lucky enough to work on the top floor.

My other boy Eric over at intern[life] recently highlighted his obsession with his new iphone app, Shakeitphoto. Anyone who is familiar with my personal flickr page is fully aware of own obsession with this app, and reasonably so. It's amazing. Sam was quick to point out its ubiquitousness, which I cannot deny. Still, I find these photo apps to be tremendously useful, if not reliably entertaining tools, for no other reason that they allow the user to take daily moments and elevate them to something more artistic.

The absolute best part about the iphone camera is it provides for what I feel to be the most crucial element of photography - spontaneity. I came to this conclusion tonight as I was looking through my photos since I moved to LA back in January. While I would prefer to say that my best photos were captured with a professional lens, they were in fact taken by my iphone, simply because a moment presented itself and I did not allow it to pass.

While the iphone app has little to do with spontaneity, on a superficial level the user has created something highly stylized and interesting. Ubiquitous art does necessarily diminish its relevancy. I think Ikea sufficiently disproves that theory.

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