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interesting what a whole week's worth of twelve hour work-days does to you.

actually, it's really not that interesting at all. {there's that momentary belief that what you're doing is highly unorthodox, interesting, and perhaps even noble. this is me just getting past that point.} these days, i've just been able to sit on some interesting lectures by some fascinating people that i work with, i get a few extra free meals, and i get to spend about fifteen minutes at 11 pm poking around myspace, stylus & pitchfork for something to distract me.

so the funny part; tendencies. in everything.

take music videos for instance. a while back i came across the knife's video for 'heartbeats.' simply stated, it was old footage taken from a handful of various sources that is looped|mashed|whatever. this is not a profound observation by any means.

tonight, i came across a similar band, crystal castles {fondly recalling the epic game on atari} and saw the following video.

i think when i first saw the knife's video, i took it's influence for granted. i naively assumed it was something fresh; a 'new' form of art that obviously drew from what was fashionable twenty to thirty years ago, but at the same time was contextually accurate. more specifically, everything is deliberately underproduced {sometimes to the point of deliberate shitty-ness}, raw, ugly, ironic! and mismatched. sloppiness is a means to an end. it's only a matter of time before i'm doing the same thing with how i present myself and my own personal taste, but that's neither here nor there.

the main conclusion i can draw from this is that 'heartbeats' is by no means an aberration. in other words, the video for 'heartbeats' wasn't that cutting edge after all. it merely represents what a host of people have been doing for some time now, but people like me are finally getting in touch with it. at least that's how i see it.

i suppose this sort of logic applies to everything. the kansas city star just recently featured a story about green roofs on a residential scale for the first time. two sundays ago the evening news {shut up} ran a story about the glycemic index, steroid use is being discussed outside locker rooms, and wal-mart has organic produce. but sure as shit, everyone will know the minute paris hilton is let out of jail.

stopping the cynicism before it starts,



laurface said...

paris had another nip slip. just thought you should know. bring that update to the water cooler. sure it could sound like sexual harassment but probably not if you make it clear that you are only referencing the cultural phenomenon that is the eldest hilton. she does have some fine looking perkies though.

TQ said...

Cabbage Gatch Kid, I'm looking through the list of your previous posts, and your knack for titling is fascinating.

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