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it's clearly too soon for a 'best albums of 2007' list, but i just recently made a '2oo7's BEST' mix on itunes here at work {blogging at work, SON!!!} so reads as follows;

honey honey > feist
you are my face > wilco
phantom > JUSTICE
sum > Au
see a penny {pick it up} > YACHT
i used to complain now i don't > white rabbits
faberge falls for shuggie > of montreal
slow show > the national
on call > kings of leon
lake somerset > deerhunter
fluorescent grey > deerhunter
!!! > break in case of anything
pom pom > matthew dear
kinfe > grizzly bear {girl talk remix}
+81 > deerhoof
atlas > battles
it's all true > tracey thorn
black wave/bad vibrations > arcade fire
and you lied to me > the besnard lakes
sparta #2 > the fall
tall trees > lost in the trees


spoon, the new pornographers and interpol, three bands that at one point represented the three-headed beast otherwise known as 'corbin's favorite bands,' are all releasing albums over the course of the summer. there's a good chance i will no longer be a fan of at least two of these bands once each respective album hits the shelves.



**forgive me for beating a dead horse here, i just don't understand any of this, nor does anyone else.


TQ said...

Really? Feist's best song is "Honey, Honey"? I DEFINITELY agree on her inclusion in this list, but my vote goes to "I feel it all" or "Brandy Alexander" all the way...

ourlovetoadmire said...

corbilever, you won't be disappointed w/the new interpol, it's rock solid!

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