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stars can't fight city lights.

in big letters on my 'list of things to do' is in large print is to get a new card scanner so that i can start posting photographs. i'd prefer this blog to go beyond just black and white and read all over to something more substantial. in time ...

in the meantime, i'm finally on the 4th floor of my office with my team. {keep in mind, i started out on the 6th floor in a conference room with another intern. not the most ideal situation.} my project? block_37. it's a high rise residential development on portland's south waterfront. my team is excellent. mainly sketchup {eehhhh ...} and cad work thus far. i've done a good job of keeping my mouth shut and following directions, so i haven't screwed up too much, which i think my superiors appreciate. although, there have been a few moments when i have let a few unsolicited criticisms or suggestions slip from my mouth, and suprisingly, i wasn't appropriately chastized. i'm expecting a big promotion any time now.

last friday i joined a few kids from the office at the neko case concert at the crystal ballrom here in portland. just for refrence, imagine the uptown minus the balcony, a bouncy wooden floor, and even more spectacular chandeliers. the venue was incredible, the crowd was great, and with my pdx microbrew in hand, i was feeling pretty good about the situation. ms. case did not disappoint. she looked absolutely stunning in her long black dress and her fiery red hair. then she made the mistake of letting her hair down about midway through her performance. needless to say, i about lost my mind. deep red bells, favorite, margaret vs. pauline, john saw that number were just a few notable highlights.

at some point, i mentioned to my fellow intern, kristin, 'that would be incredible if she played 'train from kansas city.'' as luck would have it, the bouncy, unattractive and tactless girl bouncing around next to us swung around and bellowed, 'are you from kansas city?!?! i'm from prairie village! fuck yea!' i played the nice guy for the rest of the show, but i think she eventually caught on that i wasn't interested in screaming at the band and jumping around with her for the rest of the show. she wanted to know what we were doing after the show. i think i made something up about being low on cash and having to do my laundry.

there's much more to say, but i'll stop there. more posts/pictures/stories/embellishments forthcoming.


the syndicate said...

saw neko in boulder/june. amazing set.
how are things?? from reading it looks good. congrats. toss me a email sometime. i'll drop mine in your box.

sloring said...

should've taken her back to your place...nothing like dipping your pen in the company ink

ercwttmn said...

the picture of neko, is a nice touch.

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