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images from mid-review _ 07 21

some highlights from the midreview. if the following looks incoherent it's not only because i have excluded several images, but also because we have generated several different schemes and used a variety of design and analysis tactics for each one. luckily things became a bit more coherent towards the end. more on that eventually.

01 _ intro _
02 _ In my examination of the military and it's relationship to damage and damage control i created a series of studies that aimed the diagram a specific event. this operation involved extracting information from the suicide attack on the us military base in khost, afghanistan in december, 2009 _

03 _ image two of three _

04 _ image three of three _
05 _ examination of military operations regarding insurance, and monetary assessment of its assets _

06 _ excerpt from another study that examines military's assessment operations and their determination of value _

07 _ conceptual study examining jeff koons' michael jackson and bubbles. this was an attempt to suspend artistic value through distance and discouragement, as well as a provokation of the art institution and it's role in the application of artistic value _

08 _ part of a series of studies that combined the highly sensitive and value military assets with pieces of art _

09 _ the fragment as a charged object - filled with symbolic content that must be disseminated and understood, but not with the intention of reconstructing its prior state or condition. rather, the fragment seeks to remain autonomous relative to its neighboring fragments _

10 _ the spatialized fragment - it's new condition an invitation for intersections, punctures and inhabitation _

11 _ a study that looks at the potential to inhabit the space between the fragments _

12 _ series of studies that look for ways to create a systematic relationship between the fragments. the operations would be based solely on their spatial relationship to one another. conditions of materiality and damage are not considerations here, but would likely become factors one the fragments were better understood _

13 _ distribution of fragments _

14 _ continued expansion of volumes between fragments. the SAI is a pavilion with multiple entries or 'punctures.' this is an attempt to express the notion that confrontation is a method of understanding _
15 _ part of another study examining the spatial potential of fragments of varying size _

16 _ part of a conceptual study, examining the volumetric qualities of the singular fragments. here, the fragments work as a system to bloat and shape the envelope.

17 _ montage of envelope that encloses the fragments. the envelope expands to accomodate fragments of larger size and shrinks for the smaller particles. conditions of damage, source of damage, material properties, and so forth would require further study by the institute.

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