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I've spent a few Sundays accompanying Laura in the UCLA law library, either studying for the ARE's or piddling away time on my iphone. Today, in the midst of a riveting examination of construction documents and the components of the project manual, I took a necessary pause to let my eyes wander aimlessly around the room I was in. I was pleased to notice this ::

Are those linear diffusers that echo the shape and size of the corner bookcases? This requires a closer look.

I was nonplussed. Until I noticed this detail I had considered the building to be a generally unremarkable piece of architecture. In other words, it was what it was - a university's law library. However, immediately following the initial discovery further details emerged. Shadow lines broke planes between ceilings and soffits. Wooden shades slid nicely along a narrow aluminum track into the body of the wall. A skylight above the central staircase provided the building with a distinct 'center,' giving its inhabitants the necessary reference point and means of vertical circulation. Perhaps next time my expectations will not be so low, and I will keep my eyes open for such pleasurable revelations.

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tessarh said...

maybe the best architecture is that which is not noticeable.

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