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day 04.

change, indeed.

i suppose that months ago, in a fit of uncharacteristic clairvoyance, i could have predicted that i would have been able to watch today's inauguration ceremony. it is, after all, 9 in the morning right now. typically this is when i'd be unstrapping my biking shoes at my desk or pouring my first cup of coffee in the break room.

now, as judge roberts is swears in obama, i feel a tad conflicted. despite the fact that i'm wearing sweatpants on a tuesday morning and i'll spend the rest of the day on my laptop frantically writing a resume and portfolio, i've managed to witness a unique moment. the past is politely pushed aside. these challenges, as mr. obama has just said, are real. but they will be met.

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sloring said...

i expect more posts now that you don't have a job.

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