**eastward movement is included


i'd rather be watching the royals.

the network at my office has died for the second time today. this indicates the unofficial end of my working day, and the official beginning of another stream-of-consciousness blog. 

> i'm still trying to figure out how i could have once disliked broken social scene.

> my lastest discovery: the unicorns 2003 masterpiece, "who will cut our hair when we're gone?" i haven't listened to this album in more than a year, and i mistakingly took its sonic legitimacy for granted. my, how one's tastes can grow in a few short months.

> how important is sequence and pacing to the success of an album? a few hours ago, i finished listening to lcd soundsystem's 'sound of silver' for the hundredth time, and have decided the 'north american scum>someone great>all my friends>us v them'' combination is one of the most incredible sequences of emotion and sonic profundity i've felt in some time.

> for whatever reason, i was under the impression any music playing loudly from the apartment of my new neighbor would be respectable, perhaps even tolerable. my assumptions were based upon one brief conversation, allowing me to make grossly generic assumptions based upon her appearance and the fact that she'd moved here from brooklyn. needless to say, skinny black jeans and a williamsburg heritage don't make much of a difference anymore. right now all i can hear are muffled low tones, repeated over and over and over. it sounds like spoon if britt daniels was given a lobotomy. 

> i took the night off to watch the nba finals. it's the third quarter of game one, and the only word i can come up with is "boring."

> if you spend a considerably large amount of energy guessing what the perfectly composed woman behind you will order at the cafe, even if we assume you guess with one-hundred percent accuracy, down the fat content of her milk, the number of espresso shots, and the sugar content and the flavor of the syrup, does that make you a bad person? 

> i'm currently reading "striptease." while this appears to be another example of overtly self-aware and shallow calculation, i'm reading this book for nobile reasons. {it's actually quite excellent. i'm being sincere!} that being said, outside of "house of leaves," i can't think of a more hilarious book to whip out at a cafe. 

> if you see one movie this month, watch "the opposite of sex."***

> paul pierce, an individual i recall passionately disliking when he played for the jayhawks, just returned to the floor after hurting his knee. this is the first time the crowd made the announcers talk louder. now things are more interesting. sort of. 

> "what did the guy from south africa say about adversity? never give up!" - doc rivers, the head coach of the celtics, with some inspirational and historically enlightening words during a timeout. 

> mccain = grandpa simpson. repeat it, spread it, make it stick.**

**special thanks to mr. nolan lienhart.
***the only way this is funny is if you say it loudly, and exactly like norm macdonald doing his impression of larry king. 

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