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i loathe the notion of "the mondays." the whole concept, in my eyes, is based upon a rejection of one's job as well as general laziness. obviously, this is a grossly general statement. regardless, i stand by my arrogant, black & white statement.

however, yesterday was a pretty bad day for myself and a significant amount of important people around me. coincidentally, it was a monday. therefore, i feel compelled to at least pause and reflect upon what occurred/did not occur.

1. my office lost a competition that we so passionately poured a remarkable amount of resources {both monetarily and labor-wise} giving me every reason to leave work early and drink all the whiskey in portland.**

2. a client of laura's mother, who may be terminally ill, dropped a traumatic bomb of issues on her lap, leaving her with an overwhelming feeling of helplessness and sympathy for someone who is presumably delusional and cannot take care of himself.
3. laura's migraine, as a result of #2.
4. the rain returned to portland.
5. i had no rain-coat for my humbling walk home.

that being said, there was something so right about all these 'wrong' things happening at once. i stepped outside my office, the sky was gray, i had thom yorke's "the eraser" humming on my headphones, and i no matter what direction i walked, the drizzle was in my face.
in other words, everything seemed appropriately composed.

i realize the photo i included is in no way germane to the topic of this post. i regret including it.

**i worked until 6.15 and had dinner at whole foods. i drank water.


Nicole said...

lovely image. forgive the cliche - but sometimes when it rains, it really does pour. what a crappy monday.

Emily K. said...

Sometimes the way those things set themselves up so cinematically is enough to actually brighten my mood.

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