**eastward movement is included


if you try to steal the beat, the beat will steal you.


a. i've had a bike stolen.
b. i've bought a bike.
c. i've been hit by a car on my bike.
d. i'm one 'crash' away from being able to count my crashes on more than one hand.
e. i bought fenders for the aforementioned bike.
f. i've had facial hair for more than six months.

g. i've actually described a cup of coffee as 'cantelope-y.'
h. i finally own a waterproof jacket.
i. my camping equipment collection has grown significantly. in other words, i now own a $300 sleeping bag and a thermal mat.

j. i'm willing to see a band perform at the expense of my personal health as well as the expense of my personal relationships.

k. political discussions have become a means to alienate myself from old friends.

l. meet the press has become far more entertaining than sportscenter.

m. i've realized the utilitarian characteristics of skinny jeans.**
n. i can't remember the last time i used an umbrella.

continuing my western assimilation,


**truth be told, it's actually quite logical.


laurface said...

all your umbrella are belong to us.

sloring said...



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