**eastward movement is included


this crappy blog could really use a facelift ...

... but i don't have the time right now.

however, i did have the time to spend the last seven minutes of my life reading this article here.

the ideals discussed are most certainly applicable to the field of architecture, if not anything 'design.' this encourages/energizes me more than anything else since i had the pleasure of watching the webcast of this thom mayne lecture here.

on this sunny friday afternoon at 5.15, my goal was to pin down a blog-worthy article, filled to the brim with profundity, pithy observations and ... well, positivity.** needless to say, i couldn't have possibly found a better piece of reading material.

**this is apparently something i am completely devoid of.

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Nicole said...

doood - where have you been?

like i have room to talk.

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