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i heard the new mudvayne album is legit.

it's monday night, 11.45 pm, and my neighbors are moving their furnature upstairs again, so you know what that means; it's blog time, baby.

i found out my parents read this blog regularly. oddly enough, this doesn't irritate me.

so, after a solid weekend spent with my girl leah up in seattle, it's safe to say i'm approaching an interesting crossroads up here in the rose city, and i'm not referring to my paralytic feud between the idealistic and realistic halves of my brain regarding my involvement in health care facility competitions at work. no, i'm faced with a series of decisions whose reprocussions weigh much heavier. then again, everything is relative. needless to say, my hurdles, both day-to-day and beyond, are hilariously insignificant to other unlucky individuals in the world, so i will continue to do what i am good at doing, and will quietly internalize all of them.

that's out of the way - time for the interesting stuff ... at least to me. the trip to seattle was pushed back from friday evening to saturday afternoon. reason being? asmund and tyson {sweet guys from zgf} were staging a birthday party at their house. as good as seattle was looking, considering it would be another night on the seattle scene, a chance to hang out with both leah and kelley {and her Royals-loving love-interest, carl ... mad respect} i'd be a fool to pass up a night of sweet hangs with a gang of sweet hipsters. several textbook indications that it was a 'hip' party include, but are not limited to,

1. half the party arrived by bike,
2. the food was excellent. roasted potatoes {a variety of blue, sweet and yukon gold, of course} a beet salad {respect} burgers {free range meat, of course} and maybe some blue corn chips and salsa from trader joes and a bowl of spicy peanuts or something,
3. bottles of wine outnumbered bottles of beer,
4. selection of beer was local. the farthest was probably sierra nevada. the once exception? pbr tallboys,
5. i didn't know any of the bands playing on asmund's apple laptop,
6. there was a hookah in the living room.

to be honest, i almost feel a little intrusive coming to these parties. i look at it this way; asmund and tyson know most of these people from college ... they have a history. the only reason i am in the same room is because they're polite guys and invited a few people from the office to come. no matter what, i still know that i am, in principle, on the periphery on their group. this is just another subtle reminder of how long it will take me to feel comfortable out here.

so what do dorks do? they do dorky things ... consistantly. and they drag their friends along.

"so corbin," says leah. "you just arrived in seattle. do you want to take your bag to my apartment? do you want to see queen anne? do you want to get some coffee? do you ..."
"the library. take me to the library."
leah rolls her eyes.

OMA's new seattle public library is finally open. my last visit only allowed me to see the outside, so i coerced leah to chauffeur me. i think she enjoyed it ... i think. probably not.

once that was out of the way, the weekend was basically a satisfying series of hangs, gorgeous urban scenery, and a consistant, solid diologue. most of the discussion revolved around the usual topics; ethnic food, elitism, kansas city drama, bill clinton, and sean hughes. essentially, i was given the 'king's tour' {pun intended ... seattle humor?} of the town; the best espresso in the united states at Vivace rostaria, numerous microbrew drinks while some annoying folk singer crooned, proudly advertising his uniqueness with 'THIS MACHINE KILLS HIPSTERS' scribbled across the body of his guitar, and an afternoon jaunt to west seattle and a walk along the puget sound to top everything off.

finally, when the lonely hour is approaching, you're bound to run into real 'characters.' we were approached by some degenerate at the final bar after he was so plowed that he was falling into {and breaking} the outdoor furnature while trying to call his 'girlfriend.' he seemed mildly ashamed of his inebriated state, but more than made up for it by asking, "hey, do you guys have my girlfriend's phone number? no? man ... *long, awkward pause* she's got huge tits, but she is such a bitch." after this, things improved drastically. he inhaled a quesadilla above us, {i don't think it was his} and did a good job of shoving the rest in our faces, asked me to take some shots {"hey bro. let's take some shots. let's bleed out the ass tonight, bro!"} and told me my girlfriend was boring. {leah laughed especially hard at this one}

the rest of the conversation is too inappropriate to repeat.

what a weekend. what a town. what great people. basically, seattle's legit.

i wish the chiefs weren't 0-2. i wish missouri wasn't 2-0 {they're going to let us all down. just wait} i wish the royals weren't winning {they're only getting our hopes up, too. just wait}


ps. i stayed up until 1am writing this.


sloring said...

i heard corbin's favorite word is legit.

FastTrakStatus said...

i don't have much else to say, really.

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