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it's already come to this ... television commentary.

it has became unequivocally clear how poor the general public's taste truly is. and all it took was one hour of sunday night television.

last night, with nothing really exciting to do, i thought i'd poke around my 30-some channels of basic cable {mostly public access and spanish channels} and see if there might be something interesting to watch. i happened to come across a show that i have heard so many people speak so highly of, grey's anatomy, and thought, "oh, supposedly this is worth watching. i'll give it a chance."

color me unimpressed. i kept on asking myself, "this is what everyone is talking about? is this really considered a respectable tv drama? am i really flipping between this and how to lose a guy in 10 days? should i blog about this tonight or first thing tomorrow morning?" at least now i have something to talk about on wednesday with my coworkers. as luck would have it, i actually work with a few people who have that rare thing called taste.

on a side note, i just noticed my coffee maker {generous donation from mom and dad - probably 25 years old} is made by norelco, and continues to 'sputter' hours after it's finished brewing. it's growling at me right now.

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